Transparency is key in Beech-Nut baby food labels

Transparency is key

People are reading food labels more and more and getting a better grasp on what they are putting in their bodies. This goes the same for the foods we feed our babies, too, if not more so than our own bodies. Or maybe I’m just guilty of that! When I read the name of a…

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my hero

Everyday Heroes [VIDEO]

Heroes are all around us. They come in different packages and vary from person to person. It could be somebody close to you, or somebody you’ve never met. They could be rich and famous, or not even old enough to have a job. They can rescue people from burning buildings or be a person that…

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Dairy-Free Green Smoothie Ice Pops

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine. I enjoy having a good green smoothie as a meal replacement or an afternoon snack to starve off the junk food snacks. However, the kids aren’t all fans of a smoothie. But, they are fans of a yummy ice pop. So, why…

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Strawberry picking mommy and me monday

Trees | Mommy and Me Monday | 274th ed

We started the week with the family complete. We were missing Mr. Serious very much and were so glad to have him with us for the last couple days of our vacation.  I had never been to Animal Kingdom, so we decided to all go together. It was significantly cooler (temperature-wise) and the animals and…

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outfit pictures every day

How to Not Lose Your Child at Disney World and What to Do When You Do

Fortunately, I’ve never said I’m perfect. And, I’ve never said the same of my kids. Because, guess what? Even when they have never once wandered off on you, gotten lost or been distracted, it can happen to you/them. And it happens very quickly! And, seemingly even faster at Disney World. Yes, my kids were separated…

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Four Fun Vacation Activities to do at Florida’s Emerald Coast

Just a few weeks ago, I was hosted on a trip to Florida’s Emerald Coast to check out the activities, food, beaches, some lodging and more. It was a quick weekend trip that was packed full of good food and good fun. We started our morning at the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park 
with a tour through…

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Before the MRSA settled in

5 Key Stats For Your Hygiene

Have you ever thought about the positive impact that simply washing your hands can have on your health? We invite you to add another layer and level of protection by washing your hands everyday with HIBICLENS® antimicrobial soap. HIBICLENS is a medical grade antimicrobial soap, skin cleanser, and antiseptic globally trusted by hospitals, healthcare professionals, and moms. It’s effective…

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Mother's Day Smiles

Thank you for making me smile with VIDEO

My mom is constantly a source of smiles in our family…and sometimes laughs, too. Thankfully, she knows and she’s okay with it.  There are so many good “Pat-isms!” My sister and I might have a couple laughs about it at least once a week! I had to make a video for her of some of…

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Being a momma

What I didn’t know until I became a mom [VIDEO]

Moms need and deserve to be celebrated. It’s a tough gig with terrible hours and bosses with interesting demands and temperaments. And, they require meals three times a day, plus snacks! But, being a mother is the best job in the world that I wouldn’t trade for anything. And, I will wear my Mo-Th-Er shirt…

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Cool Shades Blogging Besties

Blogging Besties | Happy Mamas

Four years ago, I gathered with three other women that I had never met before to start a new blog with a local morning news affiliate. We all nervously sat around a table (okay, maybe me) and got to know each other through that and subsequent meetings and writing for the blog. That site is…

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Sodapalooza at RaceTrac | F-f-f-free + Giveaway

This post was written by me on behalf of RaceTrac. I was compensated for the review, however all views and opinions are 100% my own. We aren’t huge soda drinkers, but a frozen drink on a hot day hits the spot during the summer. And, yes, we still blame Aunt Emily for getting our girls…

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Brain Chase 2015

Preventing Summer Brain Drain with Brain Chase + Giveaway

I just flipped the calendar over to May. And then I might have started hyperventilating. I just realized there are less than three weeks of school left for my bigs, and a little more than a week left for my middle little. Ack! Thankfully, we’ve signed up for Brain Chase (check out our initial thoughts there)…

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Mom 2.0 Mommy and Me Monday | 272nd ed

I spent four days again this year with my people at Mom 2.0. Including booking the same flight with three of them. (shhh…we only got told to be quiet once because the man in front of us asked if we were having a “private party.” For the record, we weren’t. And we weren’t loud. And…

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listen to your mother

The Sisterhood of Motherhood

Just a little less than three months ago, we all read our pieces for the first time to audition for the Listen to your Mother show in Atlanta. Since then, the 13 of us and our fearless producers have met and rehearsed three times and successfully completed our show. To say that it was amazing…

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This coffee break and last minute lesson planning are brought to you by Eggo waffles, fresh blueberries, and Daniel Tiger's neighborhood. The #wahmlife with a toddler struggle is soo real.

Five Things You Should Never Say To Your Teacher

Danielle is a graduate student working towards her Ph.D and is currently teaching classes as part of her education. When she’s not busy teaching, she’s building towers and projects with her son, writing over at Mamademics and crocheting at Hook Smart. She makes the rest of us look bad. I started teaching on the collegiate…

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5 Reasons to Take HIBICLENS on Your Family Outing

MAKE HIBICLENS® ANTIMICROBIAL SOAP AN ESSENTIAL PART OF YOUR FAMILY OUTINGS From picnics to weekends at the local park, family outings are a fun experience for everyone and create memories at the same time. During the valuable time we spend with our kids, we want to be fully present and in the moment. We don’t want to be…

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Homemade wipe solution

We’ve been using cloth diapers and wipes for over three years now. But, I confess, there have been some times when disposables have been necessary for us. No shame here. No shame! I do try to carry over some of the products and ideas where I can, however. For example, for wipes, I use cut…

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Check Out The New AMD FX APU HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. We are getting to the point where the girls need a computer for projects and assignments for school. And, I’m not the best at sharing my computer. So, the girls will…

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