A Madeline Hatter-Inspired Tea Party | Ever After High

February 26, 2015
A madeline hatter inspired tea party | Ever After High

Snow days for people that aren’t accustomed to them, make us do crazy things. But, I have a sneaking suspicion that happens in places where snow days are a lot more frequent. This time, it involved letting my daughters use our wedding china. Because, really, if nobody is going to use it, why have it? […]

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Digital Baby Monitor Made Easy

February 26, 2015
gynoii baby monitor and giveaway

After having a video baby monitor, I can’t go back! I’m addicted to spying on my babies. No, it’s not really spying. It’s fun to watch them sort of play with their feet, rub their blankets on their faces or sing themselves to sleep. The Gynoii Wifi Video Baby Monitor has been my newest device to […]

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5 Simple Sleep Tricks for Kids

February 25, 2015
Aromatherapy for kids

Sleep like a baby…or a toddler…or an elementary kid. Ha. It seems like it just when we figure out getting them the best sleep at the right time for them, they change! Since there isn’t one sure fire thing, I thought I would share several of the things that are in our bag of tricks. […]

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Once is enough, Sasafras

February 24, 2015
Runaway Cat

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Cat’s Pride® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own. When I go back to the year we got our cat, Sasafras and start calculating, I can’t believe she’s already been with our family for 12 years (and that I returned her predecessor around that […]

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The FIFTH Anniversary | Mommy and Me Monday | 262nd ed

February 23, 2015
Mommy and Me Monday | FIFTH edition

It’s been FIVE years since my very first Mommy and Me Monday post. Five years of making sure I’m in the picture (no matter how terrible) with my girls. Five years of encouraging other moms to do the same. Every week for five years I attempt to get a picture of me with at least […]

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The “best” unsolicited parenting advice

February 20, 2015
Best unsolicited parenting advice

There’s a saying that goes something like this: “I was the best parent ever…until I had kids!” And, I whole-heartedly agree. But, I think that some people think that once they have kids (or grandkids), they become even better parents! My first memorable encounter was many years ago with my oldest (now 8). She was […]

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Creative art without all the tape on my walls [with VIDEO]

February 19, 2015
Disney Imagicademy: Creative Arts

For the past several Christmases and birthdays, the girls have received rolls of tape. Not because we are being cheap. Those girls use up ALL MY TAPE! So now, they have their own. (Of course, they still steal mine!) What is the purpose of all of this tape? Displaying all of their wonderful artwork in […]

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When Breastfeeding Hurts | Why I had my daughter’s tongue tie fixed

February 18, 2015
when breastfeeding hurts

Yes, the title says breastfeeding. If it makes you squeamish, squirmish or giggly, you probably have no business being here. Carry on! When I breastfed my oldest daughter, I had no idea what I was doing. There was bleeding, cracking and pain involved. Lots of pain. People just said “breastfeeding hurts.” Had I known better, […]

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[VIDEO] Up Close with the Graco® Swivi Seat™ Highchair

February 16, 2015

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I like to try out baby gear. There has been a lot of change and development in the past 8+ years of having babies. This past week, you might have seen on Instagram that B and I headed to a little party and demo. We […]

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E’s Third Birthday | Mommy and Me Monday | 261st ed

February 16, 2015
E's third birthday

These kiddos keep having birthdays and getting older and I still haven’t figured out how to make them stop. Disney has a big place in our hearts (how do we get back there), so we were thrilled when we were asked to host a Disneyside party. Nothing beats friends, family, yummy food and treats and […]

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You know you’re pregnant when…

February 11, 2015
I knew I was pregnant when

We were trying to get pregnant with each of our five pregnancies. So, I was always keeping track of things and had an idea of when I could get pregnant and when I could test. {Note to my mom, sister, grandma and readers..no, this is not an announcement…I’m not pregnant!} However, I always waited just […]

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B’s first steps [VIDEO]

February 9, 2015

THANK YOU TO P&G FOR SPONSORING THIS POST. ALL THOUGHTS ARE MY OWN. The first year is full of many milestones, but then, so is the second two. Wait, hold on. I’m calling this her second year, but I guess it is. And it’s full of so many things, too. For all of our girls, […]

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