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About two and a half weeks ago, we got confirmation of some not-so-good health news from a family member (not my new/business to tell, I don’t think). I told Mr. Serious that we needed to look at the calendar and figure out how to get to Houston for a visit before school starts. 

There was literally one week where it could work, so we made the plans, he checked with work (with a pending work trip/project in the books) and we figured it out.

It’s not easy to plan a last minute 14-ish hour drive from Atlanta to Houston and back within a week with four kids, but we made it. And, I like to think there were minimal meltdowns.

Welcome to Texas

(That sign is super ironic. Anybody that has driven on I-10 through east Texas probably knows what I mean…”friendly!”) But, we made it and grandma and grandpa had dinner (and drinks!) waiting for us.

We did a lot of driving back and forth between houses (the good about your families living in the same city? We see them in one visit. The bad? We drive back and forth a lot and they keep seeming to move further and further from one another!)

Less than 24 hours after our arrival, I had to make sure to get my shaved ice fix which happened to be during one of the many pop-up Houston showers.

While waiting for our order, the girls squealed. (My ears are still ringing). 

“A rainbow! A rainbow!”

“That’s the first time in my life I’ve ever seen a real rainbow!” (Mr. Serious’ picture!)


Mine. With the intention of cropping. Until….guns and concealed gun classes in the shape shopping center as prom and wedding dresses. Because, seriously. You can’t make this up!

first rainbow

He told us to point at the rainbow. Who are we to not listen? (Except E…because, well, TWO!)

And then we all pointed

There was a lot of time spent at Grammi and Gramps’ pool (so thankful to have two swimmers!)

Pool jumping

It was totally worth the 14 hour drive there and the 15 hour drive back (not counting time zone changes).

It was great to get all of the cousins together (with Mr. Serious’ sister’s kids on the same couch)…just a couple more kiddos since then!


And then we got the cousins on my side together (well, my girls and my niece!) who they last saw in February.

girl cousins

This mama is happy we made the trip work. We got to see our families and some friends and we ended up making quite a few people happy, including us!


  1. MommaE says

    SO glad y’all made the visit! It was tons of fun. I think Logan is still traumatized by those darn hamsters but her cousins did a good job of making her feel better. Can’t wait to have them together again soon!

  2. pat chance says

    I really enjoyed your visit and very glad you came. I never noticed the irony of Weddings by Debbie and the gun place in the same strip center before. On another note though the gun shop was and has been closed for several months. They just haven’t taken down the sign. Guess a lot of other people thought seeing happy brides to be and high school seniors while toting a gun around wasn’t good.

  3. amanda says

    uhm ? so clearly i am a little out of the blog loop – NOT a double rainbow! she just said rainbow twice. eeks! sorry friend – promise i will get back into the swing of things!!

  4. Jill Myrick says

    I am sorry about your not so good news but glad that you had a safe and enjoyable trip to visit family. You children are adorable and I’m sure that everyone was so glad to be able to see you.



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