Five Family-Friendly Festive and Fun Treats with a Holiday Twist

December 13, 2013 in holidays,recipe

Between Halloween and Christmas, it seems like there is an abundance of junk food around. For the kiddos and for the adults. When I involved my kids in the making of foods, they are definitely more likely to eat them and devour them. So, I’ve gathered and created some fun holiday food that the kids can help make and will hopefully eat. Of course, these are also way better nutritionally than munching on candy and baked goods all day.

5 family friendly festive and fun holiday treats

Christmas Tree Veggie Tray

We are very lucky because our kids love to eat vegetables. But, I know not all are in that same boat. But, I bet if you create a Christmas tree out of vegetables with them, and serve it along side some ranch dip, hummus or french onion dip, they will devour it.

easy veggie tray shaped like a christmas tree


I used:

  • broccoli cut into pieces shaped like a triangle
  • celery for the stem
  • bell pepper rings for the garland
  • cherry tomatoes and olives for the ornaments

Fruity Christmas Tree

The girls love those fruit deliveries on the shape of fun things. And, while it’s nice, they are very expensive. This is a much cheaper alternative that the kids can definitely help out with. Bonus that it will keep them occupied making it while you are getting things ready for a guest.

copycat edible arrangements christmas tree

I purchased a cone-shaped foam core from my local craft store for around $4. Then I used toothpicks to skewer fruits (pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, and kiwi fruit) and push them into the foam core. I also used a round piece of pineapple to cut into a start shape (if you have a cookie cutter, I’d recommend using that).

Kids will need to be careful with the toothpicks as they easily poked through the ends of the fruit. I would purchase blunt-ended toothpicks next time to make it easier. I recommend starting with the larger fruits and then using smaller ones to fill in. I would add blueberries, too if I was able to find them.

Snowmen Milk with Magic Straws

We aren’t big milk drinkers (dairy, soy, rice or otherwise), but I know it is a good source of calcium. When you add in a fun flavored straw, put on some buttons and a scarf and add a marshmallow snowman face, milk becomes fun. The kids can be involved in this, too. They can place the gem stickers for buttons on their bellies, wrap the ribbon scarf around the top and tie it and even draw the face on the marshmallow (ideally using food markers, but you can cheat using regular markers, just don’t eat the marshmallow). Then, slide the marshmallow up the straw from the bottom, place it in the glass bottle (these are Starbucks Frappaccino bottles) and you are good to go.

Easty Snowman milk drinks with magic straws


Strawberry Santas

While the strawberries are the sweetest this time of year, this is a cute little display of them, with a little added sweetness making them a great dessert alternative.

I washed and cut the stems off the berries. Then cut the bottom 1/4-1/3rd of the strawberry off. Then you put a dollop of icing (my favorite cream cheese frosting works best as it’s nice and dense. I tried “whipped” toppings and they went flat very quickly). Then add the other piece of the strawberry and place one more smaller drop of icing on top for Santa’s hat. I used sprinkles/jimmies for the eyes., but mini-chocolate chips would work well, too.

easy santa strawberries

Disney’s Olaf Inspired Mashed Potato Snowmen

It wasn’t intentional that these looked like Olaf, but once they came together, I couldn’t help but think of anything else. I cooked some mashed potatoes, waited until they cooled and then rolled them in to a ball. Then we placed cut up olives for the eyes and a small piece of orange bell pepper (or carrot would work) for the nose. These are super cute and fun. I guess you would probably want to microwave them if they are to be eaten. I like the idea of just using them as a decoration at the Christmas table.

Mashed potato snow men like Olaf from Disney's Frozen

Let me know if you end up making or doing any of these for your Christmas celebrations. We are headed to a Christmas party this weekend and I’m thinking of bringing the Christmas Tree Veggie tray for the adults to snack on.

If you are coming from 11 Alive, thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed the segment. Please click around and see what else I have to offer. You can also read more about me and my brood of girls. Subscribe via email to get updates delivered to your inbox!

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Anne December 15, 2013 at 8:50 pm

I love that fruit tree best! I am going to make one for Christmas this year, wonderful idea.
Anne´s last blog post ..Gingersnap Cookie Recipe – Christmas Cookies


Debi December 15, 2013 at 10:02 pm

I love these. I have seen the Santa strawberries before but I really love the fruit tree.
Debi´s last blog post ..Today Only! Sylvania Dual Screen $49.99


Kecia December 15, 2013 at 10:16 pm

These are all so cute! With the way I’ve been juicing and eating fresh fruit lately, I could have that tree gone in seconds. I think the only thing my picky 3 year old would like is the Snowman Milk.
Kecia´s last blog post ..Holiday Dinner Organization with Brother P-touch Label Maker


Stephanie Person December 15, 2013 at 10:53 pm

All of these look so fun! I think my fav is the marshmallow snowmen. Thanks for sharing!
Stephanie Person´s last blog post ..Top 25 Best Christmas Gifts For Mom 2013


grandma pat December 16, 2013 at 9:14 am

fun with food and good food at that


Chrishelle @ Cheer MamaDrama December 16, 2013 at 9:46 pm

What super cute holiday treat ideas. I love the fruit idea. Reminds me of edible arrangements. My girls always beg for one of them. I will have to try to construct one of these. Thanks for the tips.
Chrishelle @ Cheer MamaDrama´s last blog post ..NEED SOME HOLIDAY JINGLE? #TEAMWORKGROUP GIVEAWAY


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