Happy 5 Months E!

These months sure are sneaking up on me! Case in point, I took these pictures Saturday, thinking it was the 15th, when it fact it was only the 14th. I don’t think I’ll ever fully get my brain back.

5 months

But here we are, 5 months out…and she’s changing so much. She’s grabbing and reaching for toys now and cramming them in her face. She can’t get enough of chewing on stuff…I’m hoping she’s not my earliest teether. I just love that gummy smile. She’s already so chatty, and has found this super high-pitched squeal. Good grief, she is loud. And, big and adorably cute…and still not back to consistently sleeping through the night. Fingers crossed we are almost there again.

5 months old

I’ve been trying to be good about these monthly pictures. I honestly don’t remember if I did them consistently with the older two. But, they have tons of pictures, so we are probably good. I do wish I would have had something to take a picture of them with every month. Something that I could see their relative size and how they are growing (some people do bears, bunnies, etc). We never did that. But, I’m now seeing a future trend with this birth announcement pillow. It will be so cute to see how she changes each month in comparison…I only wish I had one sooner (and I would have found something like this for her older sisters). I love that it makes her look tiny again, too, but I know in a couple months, she’ll be tackling it, and eating it (thank goodness the cover slips off and is washable!)

This is definitely one of the most unique baby presents I’ve ever seen. It’s perfectly customizable down to every detail! I sent Sarah, owner and creator at Three Lil Stitches, pictures of my nursery, and she sent me a draft and coordinating fabrics within about 30 minutes. I was able to chose which fabric I liked for the back, and ask for edits (I wanted a different font and lowercase letters). She got it changed and had it right back to me. She was more than accommodating and very easy to worth with.

Before I knew it, a beautifully wrapped gift was at our door.

three lil stitches review

You know how you know something like this is awesome? Your husband sees it (I just put it in her room) and comments on how cool he thinks it is…then, he gets all sappy and said “I can see her taking this off to college!” That’s a good gift! Of course, the older sisters loved seeing their names on it, too. (She’s a much better photographer than me, so I borrowed these two images).

three li stitches review

She’s way trendier than me and schooled me in the “ombre” fabrics. Apparently, they are all the rage. I know nothing of fabrics. Fortunately, she led me in the right direction.

three lil stitches review

E’s room is intentionally dark, but I wanted to get a non-flash picture so you could see the colors matching. It’s perfect for her bedding and her room.

three lil stitches review

This will make an awesome baby arrival birthday present. It’s a wonderful keepsake, but also something you won’t want to hide away with worry of it getting dirty. Three Lil Stitches also has adorable personalized minky blankets that are custom made with a little ones’ name on it. If you are headed to a baby shower, or have a friend with a baby on the way, go check out her shop…serious cuteness! And, 100% positive feedback!

*I received a pillow to facilitate my review. Thoughts are my own.



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