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NOLA Mommy and Me Monday | 245th ed

October 26, 2014

Mr. Serious, B and I headed out to NOLA early Thursday morning to celebrate the wedding of one of our oldest friends (ha! Now, I’m calling you old!!). But really, I’ve known her since high school, lived with her and college and she even helped with our engagement and she was in our wedding! And, Mr. […]

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The Pumpkin Festival | Mommy and Me Monday | 244th ed

October 20, 2014

It was a beautiful weekend in Atlanta. It screamed fall, and even though we got a little sunburned, it was amazing! The girls had recently heard a commercial on the radio for Stone Mountain’s Pumpkin festival and asked if they could go for their birthdays (maybe those 8 and 6 posts will come soon). We […]

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Online safety | Mommy and Me Monday | 243rd ed

October 12, 2014

I remember how cool I thought I was when I was allowed to get on AOL chat. The internet was this mysterious place where a series of sounds (crrrsshhh, biiiinnggg, drrrrreeeppp, ugghhhhhh) happened over the phone line and we were magically transmitting information with people all over the world. Then there were the age/sex/location checks. […]

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Well-visit entertainment | Mommy and Me Monday | 242nd ed

October 5, 2014

We have been very lucky when it comes to doctor’s visits this year. But, when we end up with a well-visit on the calendar, it never fails that there will be a sick visit shortly before or after it. Murphy’s Law or something. After last week’s sick visit with no diagnosis (I self-diagnosed her with […]

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Through your eyes | Mommy and Me Monday | 241st ed

September 28, 2014

I caught myself saying something this week without even really thinking about it.  “I wish I could see myself through your eyes.” Because I don’t. Sure, maybe I’m too hard on myself. Maybe I have higher standards. Maybe it’s just a mom thing? But, really, why can’t I take a compliment? About being a mom? […]

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Type-A Mommy and Me Monday | 240th ed

September 21, 2014
Mommy and Me Monday at Type-A

Yes, I brought a baby to a conference. Again. Because we go together like peas and carrots. Or like a baby and boobs in our case. So, where I go, she goes. Either everybody was blowing smoke, or she was pretty well behaved (I agree). She did a lot of hanging out in her LILLEbaby […]

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The Littles | Mommy and Me Monday | The 239th ed

September 14, 2014

Last week was all about the bigs, so naturally this week is about the littles. We sort of have two sets of kiddos some days. We have our non-napping bigs and our napping littles, so they often get grouped together as such. The oldest two especially like to separate themselves out from the “babies” and […]

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Time with the bigs | Mommy and Me Monday | 238th ed

September 7, 2014

Today, after church, the oldest jumped in the car with me and asked when she was going to get some special time with just her and me. I admitted that we didn’t do it often enough. We need to do it more. Because she’s the oldest, we end up having her do a lot more […]

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Minions and mommy Monday | 237th ed.

September 1, 2014

We are embracing all that is a family vacation with 11 people as best we can! We have all been on at least one ride and some of us many. Sunday, we got to meet some minions. They were hilarious and quite good dancers! It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from […]

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Wild Things | Mommy and Me Monday | 236th ed

August 25, 2014
Mommy and e

Bedtime with a two year old can be a challenging time. We find it’s best when she’s given choices that she thinks she’s making. “Do you want to brush your teeth first or mommy?” “Do you want mommy to pick a book or you to pick one?” “What song do you want to sing?” Nobody […]

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