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Mommy and Me Monday | The 258th ed

January 26, 2015
mommy and me monday

Daddy hasn’t been on the old blog in a while, and I feel like he needs a little acknowledging! He’s a pretty good daddy and we are lucky to have him. He’s supportive and funny and not bad on the eye, either. He really loves all 5 of us. And yes, he usually has a […]

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Bedtime | Mommy and Me Monday | 257th ed

January 18, 2015
Mommy and Me Monday

Bedtime is a little crazy in the house. The older two girls are pretty good at getting themselves to bed with some coaching. The younger two, however, are totally dependent on other people to get them ready and into bed. Most nights, we take the divide and conquer approach, but sometimes, both littles want mommy’s […]

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Snow Mountain with the bigs | Mommy and Me Monday | 256th ed

January 11, 2015
Stone Mountain Snow Mountain

This weekend, I snuck away with my big girls for a little time with them at Stone Mountain Park’s Snow Mountain. When we pulled into our neighborhood almost 6 hours after leaving the house, the girls started calculating the time and were super excited that they spent that much time with me. (Although, they also […]

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Happy First Birthday, B! | Mommy and Me Monday | 255th ed

January 4, 2015
Happy first birthday

Dear B- You are ONE! I can’t believe it. In fact, I think I prefer to say 12 months. Mommy isn’t ready for you to keep growing. Even your sisters have picked up on it. So, the night before your birthday, we snapped one quick last “not one” picture. Then you woke up and you […]

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Lap and Lasts | Mommy and Me Monday | 254th ed

December 28, 2014

Exactly 52 weeks ago, B made her very first Mommy and Me Monday appearance. Almost one year later, and she’s fitting in with her sisters, vying for a place on my lap while reading a book. (That’s a sneaky daddy…I didn’t even know he took this until he sent it to me later!) E brought […]

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Marvel Live | Mommy and Me Monday | 253rd ed

December 21, 2014
Marvel Universe Live

We are going into our school holiday break with a bang! Saturday we went to a party and then Mr. Serious and I had a dinner date for our 11th anniversary! Sunday we went to see Marvel Universe Live. Mr. Serious maneuvered us around downtown and had us park at his work lot (woohoo saving […]

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The story | Mommy and Me Monday | The 252nd ed

December 14, 2014

Our little second born and first middle child has never really been the quiet one. If she is thinking or feelings something, you know about it, as well as anybody within a 5 miles radius, it would seem. Imagine my shock and surprise when I went to her first Kindergarten parent teacher conference and found […]

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Going for a cruise | Mommy and Me Monday | 251st ed

December 7, 2014
Mommy and Me Monday

We had some elves to help us with Christmas shopping. Hopefully, these elves stay quiet!  We had one person offer to help us, took pictures of what we wanted, went to the back to check inventory and never returned. It was like we were getting pranked, but there wasn’t anybody videoing. Thankfully, while waiting for […]

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The sickness | Mommy and Me {almost} Monday | 250th ed

December 2, 2014

Whatever this sickness is that’s been going around? Brutal cold? The flu? It’s been bad. We haven’t gone a day in our house in over 9 without a fever for at least one kiddo or adult.  Hence the Monday-ish post. Keeping it short and sweet with my little rosy-cheeked, crusty-nosed baby in her Turkey shirt. […]

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Holiday in the Park | Mommy and Me Monday | 249th ed

November 23, 2014

Brrrr….it’s been cold here this week! Like below 20 at the bus stop a couple mornings. I am not ready for this cold at.all. Thankfully, it warmed up a little by Friday because we headed to a preview of Holiday in the Park at Six Flags. N decided she wanted to check out as many […]

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Family Pictures Preview | Mommy and Me Monday 248th ed

November 16, 2014

A few weeks ago, it dawned on me that we didn’t have any professional family pictures. With Christmas coming up and needing to make cards, I scheduled a session. Then, I realized a week before the pictures that none of us had anything to wear special for the pictures. But, I set out to fix […]

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Thankful Turkey Centerpiece With Free Printable | Mommy and Me Monday | 247th ed

November 9, 2014
DIY Upcycled Thankful Turkey Centerpiece Milk Jug Free Printable

With only a couple weeks left until Thanksgiving, the girls decided we needed some holiday appropriate decor in the house. They’ve been watching Annedroids lately, and took note of their very handy recycling of everything in the junkyard. We aren’t quite at the lawnmower building stage, but they took their inspiration from there, hit up […]

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