Four year olds, they are impressionable


I didn’t want the girls to do it.

I can’t be a soccer mom.

It’s not that I think I’m too young, or anything like that.

I just don’t think I can do it.  The yelling.  The cheering.  The screaming (at least what I’ve seen).

Mr. Serious thought otherwise (after taking the girls to the soccer field and her dribbling down the length).  So now, #1 is signed up and ready to go.

So, now I’m supposed to be a soccer mom?

Cleats?  Check.

Shin guards and soccer socks? Check.

She’s already been to two practices.

"Soccer girl"

Apparently, she’s pretty good with the dribbling.  (Daddy does soccer practice).

"Soccer girl"

During practice, the coaches gave out their boxes with game uniforms, socks and the car magnet.  She brought the magnet up to me, and told me "you have to put this on your car."  I said "not right now."  She told me "but they said it goes on your car."

Fast forward to the next morning.  I’ve dropped the girls off at school and I’m walking out to the van, and I see a giant spot.  At first I think a bird took a huge poop, upon further inspection, I realize, she got that magnet on the van anyways.

Upward Magnet on the Car

And, when I picked her up from school and walked out to the van the first thing she said was "mommy, where’s my soccer magnet?"
Apparently, the coach really impressed upon her that it needs to go on the car.  I think I’ll be talking to the coach about cleaning rooms, listening to parents and teachers and not talking back.
Her first game is this weekend.
Hold me.  I’m a soccer mom.  I’ve got the magnet on my van to prove it.

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    LOL I wish you luck! My advice…pack up that van for all kinds of weather cause it can go from cold to rainy to hot all during one LOOOONG game:) Have fun!


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