How does a daddy read to his three girls?

Most nights for the past five and a half years have had a story time before bed.

Since the girls started sharing a room in October, it’s a little harder to make story time agreeable (one wants to read to us, one wants to be read to and pick out the book). It makes things quite challenging and not so “getting bedtime ready” friendly.

This night, daddy combatted that and I helped. He picked out the book, and I brought in the peacekeeper, aka E (poor thing). Everybody is a little more agreeable when she’s present (how could you not be, look at that sweet face!)

While reading Where the Wild Things Are, there are just some lines that everybody has to say, “…we’ll eat you up we love you so. And Max said ‘NO’!” Yep, the “no” has to be in unison.

Where the wild things are

And, that is how daddy reads to all three of his girls and makes story time that much more enjoyable.

(I think Miss E might have her eye on somebody here. Not sure if she wants to be rescued or if she’s letting me know she’s okay!)

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  1. says

    and i am going to do it again….you have three babies!!!

    it’s like your two little bigs i have known for so long and i see them and smile. and then poof there is this sweet little baby right in the mix! and while she catches me off guard, she looks like she’s been there the whole time and like she is exactly where she is supposed to be!

    does that make any sense?

  2. says

    Oh my gosh! What a sweet picture! That one has to be framed. Seriously. Awww.
    I have a very similar pic of Todd reading to the three boys when Ben was a baby and on his lap like that with the two boys on each side. So sweet. :)

  3. says

    Love it. My hubs does a great job with story timefor our 3 and 5 year old daughters. He does so many greeat voices. And they take turns picking out the book.
    K. Rock´s last blog post ..Confessions

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