How to make money online

Every once and a while, I get an email, facebook message or tweet asking me if I make any money blogging. I make a little, but I’m not talking about paying a salary, but, a dinner out every once and a while sure is nice. And, if you are on the Dave Ramsey plan, you can help speed up your debt snowball.

When people ask, I point them in a couple directions.


Linqia is a really cool idea for bloggers. Linqia has you apply to their program. Once accepted, your “community” will be emailed with offers. If you are interested, you reply to the email and they send a formal invitation to join the campaign. Linqia pays promptly and has some fun campaigns.

Social spark

SocialSpark is a really cool idea for bloggers.

Make money blogging with Social Spark

You sign up as a publisher. Advertisers first approach SocialSpark with their campaigns. Then, SocialSpark then contacts you to see if you’re interested. It you like it, you accept and get to posting.

So basically, I get to set the price and decide if I want to work with a publisher. Once the post goes live, you will receive your credit in 30 days via paypal.


If you search for anything online, go to Swagbucks now! You can go to their site, or download their toolbar, and anytime you search, you do it here instead of google or bing or whatever else you use.

Your Swagbucks easily convert to many different things, including Amazon and Starbucks giftcards. In usually about a month, I have enough Swagbucks for $5 to Amazon (that’s usually the best deal), but you can get Starbucks giftcards or even purchase things outright.

Make money searching with swagbucks

All you have to do is install the search bar, and start searching as you normally would. You are rewarded for your searches. The more searches you do, the more Swagbucks you make (sometimes you even get bonuses).

It is easy and FREE to join.

If you don’t have an account yet. Sign up! New users to SwagBucks get 30 bucks when you sign up!


I think we all shop online. Personally, I like to be rewarded for it. So, I signed up for Ebates. When you sign up, you usually get a free $10 giftcard to a store you chose!

Whenever I have online shopping, I log into my Ebates account. Then, I search for the store I want to shop at (Old Navy, Sephora, and more) click on it, and it takes me to the store’s site directly. Basically, you are rewarded for going through Ebates. And usually, it’s at least 2% of the amount you spend. Sometimes I’ve seen as high at 10%.

What’s even better, is not only do they give you money back for your shopping, they also provide you with the current coupon codes, too (like free shipping, discounts and more).

Do you have any tricks? Any ways you make a little extra money while doing what you love? Please share.


  1. Emily says

    What about the site where your sis and BIL spend too much on Amazon and go through your link? I have to get some steel toe boots for work…you’ll get some $$$ from those, too. I need the site that pays me for NOT shopping!

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