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Nicknames are funny, aren’t they? When you come up with your child’s name, do you plan a nickname? And, do they end up with the nickname you set out for them?

#1’s was #1. Not that we were going to only call her that, but it was an option. And, we do call her that, and #1. But, the one that she got early on? Pumpkin Head.

We still aren’t sure where we came up with that one.

#2 didn’t have a set one determined. She quickly became #2 Bear. Yep, not sure on that one, either.

With E, I thought maybe Evie? Mr. Serious said Eve. And, we haven’t called her one of them, and I don’t think we will. They just don’t fit. At least right now.

But, our little Pumpkin Head has come up with her own nickname for her littlest sister. And, it’s pretty adorable and cute and perfect!

She calls her “Cutie Head.”

And, she now thinks she’s big enough to hold her Cutie Head. Thankfully, daddy is just out of the shot as a spotter. I don’t trust her that much just yet.

with her cutie head

(And, seriously, doesn’t the side pony tail make her look about 8, or is it just me?)

Kisses for her cutie head!

kisses for cutie head

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  1. Emily says

    You know I LOVE nicknames…I still like Boris, but somehow I don’t think E will like that as she gets older. I think Cutie Head is perfect! Even though we don’t have any milkshakes…we have talked about nicknames. There won’t be any Richard milkshakes for us, the nickname for that is just not cute in any way.

  2. grandma Pat says

    very nice nickname. I can’t believe how long E looks in Izzy’s arms and yes she does look a lot older with the side pony.

  3. says

    When researching names I read that a real common name “Audreys” get called is Odd Ball. We decided that to circumvent the teasing, we’d call her that from birth. She’s our Aud Ball. She’s also a froggie princess. And my Little Miss. She also get Audder Pop and Audder Frog.

    Annie gets Annie Banannie. That’s about it. Josh calls her piglet.
    Christine Roosa (@biochemtine)´s last blog post ..Half Marathon Training

  4. says

    They are so cute! Our nickname for our daughter became “Muffin” short for Baby Muffin. She’s also Addy (her name is Adeline). Our son’s name is Quinn but we’ve ended up calling him “Buddy” a lot. As they get older I think we tend to use their real names more so they will know their own names!
    Jessica´s last blog post ..You Capture: Fun

  5. says

    so i always peek at the pics before i read – and i just had a mini heart attack!! look how big she looks holding sweet e!!! crazy honey!!!

    and thank you for telling me daddy is just right there!!


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