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School. Kindergarten. Bus. It was all here before I knew it. 

My mom told me to be prepared to cry when she got on the bus. I might have a little. Just a little. Shhh…don’t tell her.

We prepared (sing that to the tune of “Be Prepared” from Lion King) the week before. We talked about school. We talked about manners. How to make friends. Nice words. We did the ‘Meet and Greet’ at the school and walked around. Mr. Serious took her on a bus trial run the Friday before, too. Yeah, we prepared.

And I made her lunch, too (btw, she came home and told me she was still hungry, but only ate the peanut butter off the celery…I guess I wasn’t prepared for that!).

Monday was the day. She handled it beautifully and even told us she walked to her classroom from the bus all by herself. “I didn’t need any help, mommy!” She was more prepared than we were.


I swear when she got home, she was like five years older. She talked differently and acted differently. My baby is growing up and I can’t stop her. I was prepared for this, but not really.

Do you need tips for getting prepared for back to school? And want to help out?

You can help donate supplies to the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA), by checking out the Tools for Back to School initiative pop-quiz style game launched by BGCA and Disney. When you take the quiz, supplies are donated to BGCA for every answer you get correct. You can also check out other suggestions for getting ready under the ‘Get Ready’ heading; things like Time Management and helping your children set goals.

To help out even more, when you are back to school shopping, clothes, dorm, everything, BGCA has partnered with jcpenny. In August you can join jcp cares and round your purchases up at the register and make a donation which will benefit BGCA.

I’m linking up here.  Go and visit their Wordful and Wordless Wednesdays.


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Boys and Girls Club. I received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. says

    I cannot believe how grown up she looks – and how happy!
    Her lunch looks so delicious, you are a good mommy.
    And, don’t worry, we all cry when our babies go off to school. 😉


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