Love letter to B

Dear B-

It’s been four months since you quickly joined our family. One day I will stop mentioning it {probably not} but, I thought you and I could relive your very first picture from our downstairs bathroom where you were born. You are already like a million times bigger.

Love letter to B at 4 months old

Everybody keeps telling me how tiny you are. But, all I see is that my teeny-tiny baby is no longer teeny-tiny. You intentionally move, pull things and smile the biggest best smile ever!

Love letter to B at 4 months old

Here’s the thing. Our house is loud and busy. As baby number 4 you get set down a lot. Play mat on the floor. Bouncy seat in the kitchen and in our bedroom. Crib in your room. When daddy gets home, I ask him to hold you because I don’t think you get enough “up” time.

Love letter to B at 4 months old

Lately, at night, after you nurse, I give you your paci, swaddle you up and rock you. We sing “You are my sunshine” and “Jesus loves you” (well, I sing, you listen and sometimes sort of hum along). I feel like you have a little extra energy stirring about in that head of yours and finding your calm takes a little while. You are wiggly, grunty and hummy and have a tough time getting to that relaxed place.

So I keep rocking. And, I noticed after singing when I kiss your forehead and linger (yeah, I might be smelling you), you immediately stop moving. Your breathing slows. You stop grunting and making noise. You are calm. You are soothed. You are relaxed. You are safe.

Love letter to B at 4 months old

Your relaxation and calm lets me know you like it. So, I keep doing it because you love it. But even more so because I love it. And I know that all too soon you won’t want me to snuggle you up. So until that time comes that kiss is going to lingering on the top of your head every night until you drift off to dream land.


  1. Gretchen in HB says

    I can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
    I can also clean a kitchen top to bottom in under 20 minutes while balancing a cranky 3 year old on my hip.

  2. says

    My superpower is the ability to discern what any sound is from rooms away- aka I know what they’re messing with even when I can’t see them!

  3. Tami says

    I got Bat Girl. I predict body language and my super power is compassion. That seems to fit me very well.

  4. Nicole Powers says

    I got Wonder Woman because I am always trying to save the day. My superpower is being able to multitask

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