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July 1, 2010 in photostory friday,PSF

They are destined to be scientists, just like their mommy.

Look at them with their dry ice experiments.

First, we did the basics.  We put dry ice in warm water and watched the dry ice bubble and evaporate.  (Did you know that dry ice doesn’t melt it evaporates?  It goes straight from the solid phase to the gas phase.  It’s called sublimation.)

dry ice with water dry ice experiment

Then, we added some dish soap and made some huge, fun bubbles.  #2 LOVED it.  She kept asking for “more bubbles,” “more bubbles.”

dry ice and bubbles big bubbles

The coolest thing about the bubbles is that they were filled with carbon dioxide, so when the girls popped them, a little smoke cloud erupted.

And, they loved popping them.

hocus pocus popping the big bubbles

After the “bubbles” with the dry ice (for about 30 minutes), the girls got to see what came in the dry ice!  Yummy, yummy popsicles.

yummy bomb pops so tasty

I actually think they enjoyed the dry ice more then the popsicles.  They asked for the “bubbles” until we were out of dry ice.  They haven’t asked for popsicles again!

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LOVE this. I saw it on ParentsConnect and had to come by your blog to check out what else you do!


Jessica McFadden - A Parent in Silver Spring
Twitter: jessicaAPISS

Found you via ParentsConnect’s Silly Summer Showdown and love your site! Adding you to my RSS…and adding dry ice to our summer fun activity list. Thanks!!!



Oh my! What fun!! I have to say the kids look thrilled. I must dry this with my little man one of these days!
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Definitely! You can get dry ice at most grocery stores.


Twitter: singlemomonabgt

CUTE! As much as popsicles are fun and delish, dry ice is so much more exciting.
Jill´s last blog post ..What Would You Do? When $141 is worth more than dollars.



Yeah, popsicles are so average:)



LOVE this! What a fun way to introduce some scientific concepts to even the littlest of kids :)
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Oh yeah, and they still remember it, too!



i love this and need to do this with my daughter!
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Yes, you should! It’s so fun.


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