I found my people and my drive

As an adult, finding my people has been a challenge. I found them in pockets at grad school. I found a few when I starting teaching. We have a couple from church. But I’ve never been one to really truly feel like I fit in. Always a bit of an outsider in large groups.

Then I started blogging. And found people online that seemed like-minded with so may similarities. And I met a couple in real life. I even went to Kansas and stayed in a blog friends’ house! I’m even in a group with several hundred local Georgia bloggers!

Georgia Social Media Moms

Mom 2.0 My peopleOf course, blogging has changed over the years since I started on 2005. But, at it’s core, it’s all about the same thing; the stories and community. That’s why we all started. That’s why we are all here.

This weekend, I attended the Mom 2.0 Summit. When I bought my ticket last May, I had zero expectations (pretty sure it was Meghan that prompted me to hit “pay”). I even bought it thinking, “I’m going to have a four month old…I can always sell it, right?” As the conference grew closer, I didn’t get nervous or worried about bringing B with me, I got excited and ready to meet my friends. Some of whom I had met in person before, and some that only “lived in the computer.”

Friday morning, I met with my local friends and we drove into the conference where we ended up getting separated. Kelly and I found each other and she immediately asked me to come sit with her and some other buddies. I was at ease. I didn’t know everybody, but we were all kindred spirits and there for the same cause. I was with my people! Never have I sat in a room with several hundred people and felt more relaxed and dare I say confident. 

We listened to Robin Meade’s key note about beauty and saw videos with girls asking if they are beautiful. And we cried together. We smiled together. We laughed and cried some more. 

Mom 2.014 Atlanta

I was so incredibly nervous bringing B to a conference for 3 days by myself. What if she cries? Will people get upset? First, she was amazing. And second, I don’t think I met a stranger… well, at least she didn’t. Everybody was so welcoming her her cute little face! She was definitely an ice breaker for me. I had countless offers to hold her, carry her, carry my stuff, get me food and more. (Although, no offers to change her diapers!) She even made it onto The Today Show while Kendra was holding her!

And, we got to snap a picture with Robin Meade!

Mom 2.014 Atlanta

We conferenced hard for two days straight. I didn’t make it to every panel or session I wanted to. But I talked to everybody I could. I had meaningful and thoughtful conversations. Every person I talked to felt like they were genuinely interested. And, more importantly, they got me. They get me. These are my people. These are my friends, every last one of them. I consider them all my friends!

It might have taken me thirty-garble-grumble-something years to find my tribe. My people. But, I’m pretty darn sure I have. And while there aren’t pictures of all of them, Mitch, Linda and I made a point to get one together (third conference is the charm!).

Mom 2.014 Atlanta

I am more than glad I went. I am, well it’s hard to put into words, thrilled. I found my people. The ones that get one. The ones that I get. All in the same “room” at the same time. Sharing, educating, passing on real knowledge and not just hinting at it.

And while I was there, my confidence was boosted, my desire to do even better was renewed and my drive to move forward and be amazing was pushed to the max. Thank you to everybody at Mom 2.0 for such an amazing time and experience. And, of course, for the Prada bag!

Look out, Scottsdale, I’ve got my Mom 2.015 ticket!


  1. says

    That’s so great that you all clicked like that! I went to one blogging event this year and only made 1 great blogging buddy. That’s ok, because we laughed and had a great time all night long. Good for you finding your “people”!
    Theresa´s last blog post ..Spell Check

    • says

      Somebody linked up to a previous years’ pictures and I saw your name and got excited! Then I realized you weren’t coming! We need to make a point to catch up next time I go visit the fam!

  2. amanda says

    i am beyond giddy for you friend. i totally get this and couldn’t be happier for you!

    and holy crap dude you came to kansas?!?! FOREVER ago!! sooo crazy!! soo fun!!

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