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Whew. You sure keep me on my toes. You are my baby Hercules. Born to be a middle child.

You do things that I truly don’t understand (tearing pages out of books, putting holes in the ceiling and acting like you are giving your baby sister CPR?). You are a quandary. 

Case in point? Blueberry duck lips. You love to eat the frozen variety. Then, you get my phone, use the forward facing camera (I watched this time discretely to see what you would do), smile, then decide otherwise and do duck lips? T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

She steals my phone and does ducklips with blueberries. I always new the middle child was trouble.

I’m hoping soon you get to the point that you don’t wait for your big sister to make a decision before you make your own. Grandma and Grandpa took you to the store to get you a bike. You wanted a Cars bike. Your big sister convinced you that you needed this princess bike with the carrier for your baby in the front. (Grandma and Grandpa had the after-thought to remove big sister from the decision.) So, now you have a princess bike. And, Baby Bell has to go with you. Don’t worry, she wears her velcro seat belt.

Your very first time on your bike, you wiped out. Hard. Bloody hand and elbow. You had mommy clean you up. You said it hurt, but it didn’t hurt and wanted to go back and get back on it. You’ve been on your bike every day since.

Yeah. She's a badass. Just look at that seat for baby Belle!

You dress yourself just to make people laugh. You wear shirts as skirts and shorts as sashes. And then put capri pants on underneath. You certainly have your own style.

You helped your sister hide for hide and seek…you know how to make the game easier.

I could be wrong but I don't think hide and seek involves helping your hider hide.

Even though you are a ball of energy and borderline crazy, you have a super sweet side and love to help your little sister whenever she needs it. It’s important to note that your idea of “help” and my idea of “help” are very different, but your intentions are good.

Yes, our middle child, you are trouble, and crazy and overwhelming and a sweetheart.

You’ve been talking about school starting for over a month. Well, the day is almost here. We’ll make sure to pray for your new teacher.


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  1. Julie Ghrist says

    :) Love this… my favorite part is your idea of “help” and my idea of “help” are very different… we have that in our house too. My son LOVEs to “help” with everything we do. It is so sweet and cute but such a pain in the butt at the same time :)


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