On our day off

Whew. Yesterday was interesting. We were home because of the flooding in the area and schools being closed. Schools including our daycare.

Of course, #1 DID NOT sleep in. Up at 6:15. I swear I could set a clock to her time. And, she typically lets me know she’s awake by screaming “I’M A.WAAAKKKKEEEE!” Yeah. It’s that pleasant.

After breakfast and getting every body squared away, we had a mini tv-a-thon. The roads were still bad, so we had to stay in. A little tv never hurt, right?

And, holy cuteness, #2 is adorable. She loves to climb into the chair (yeah, it’s #1’s, but she never uses it), turn around, sit down and give the biggest smile.

I had to capture that on film. I’ve sort of been on a camera hiatus, and this definitely re-motivated me.

click to enlarge if you’d like. you can see her adorable chompers.
Then, #1 was all “take my picture, too, mommy! Take my picture, too!”

So, I did.

At my mom’s prompting, after putting #2 down for her morning nap, #1 and I whipped up some cookies.

#1’s idea of making cookies involves sitting in the chair nearest the bowl the dough is in and eating spoonfuls of it.

So, I actually made the cookies. She just ate them.

But, rats, our oven is horrible. Elecrolux, did you hear that? We need a new oven! The temperature is all over the place. I know this because there is another thermometer that we placed inside the oven to tell confirm what I thought (more on that in a second).

So, this is what happens when your oven is no good. Flat, crispy cookies. Baking FAIL #320,546,966!

Fortunately, neither #1, nor Mr. Serious complained about them.

What you don’t see here is the dough that spilled over the side of the cookie sheet and onto the racks in the oven. So, I decided an oven cleaning was in order.

I waited until the kiddos were in bed (thank goodness, because the oven and stove top get REALLY hot), and set it to clean.

I left the kitchen, and came back a couple minutes later.

Holy crap!!!! My oven is ON FIRE!

What to do….what to do? I pulled on the oven door, and was reminded that it was locked. Oh, well. Can’t do anything about it.

So, what’s a good blogger to do? Take a picture of said inferno in the oven.

Thankfully, it went out shortly after. Whew. That was a close one.

In the afternoon, the girls were TIRED on being in the house. And so was I!

“Let me out! Let.me.out!”

Wait. What is this? They are sitting next to each other and being cute and smiling?
And, then #2 tried to get me…
and #1 trying to be mommy, tried to stop her from getting away…
Of course, #2 is just at strong willed as #1 and she got away.

We then headed to the library where there were only 2 (okay, maybe 3) breakdowns.

And, then, I got a call that school was canceled today (which meant daycare was closed) but that I needed to come in. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

And, then the choirs sang and I got an email that daycare was going to be open today!

So, it’s back to work for me!



  1. says

    Sorry to hear about the flooding. That's a bummer. Your cookies made me giggle, they were so flat! LOL Just found your blog from Powell Power. So adorable! Looking forward to reading more from you. :)

  2. says

    Wow…I have missed alot in the days since I have been online! I have been super busy and then got sick, so I havent got to catch up!
    Glad to hear that you are all ok with the floods! Reminded you of the Texas days didnt it?!?! lol
    I cant believe you took a picture of the fire. I would have been running around frantically thinking my house was going to burn down..I guess thats just the drama queen in me! lol
    Love all the pics of the girls…they are just the cutest!!!

  3. says

    I am glad that I am not the only one that has caused a fire in the oven. When I was in High School trying to learn how to cook something had spilled over and I thought I would do the self cleaner on the oven…we had a fire too. When there is a fire in your house what do you do? Call the fire department of course! It wasn't like an emergency but they came anyway (must have been a slow night) and they had a good chuckle out of it.

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