Sunbaby #clothdiaper Review and Giveaway

I know there are some of you thinking I’m crazy, and others that are along for the ride, and still others that are saying “what took you so long.”  But, I’m here now, and getting really excited about cloth diapering our new little baby, and even starting the adventure with our current youngest at night.

For the past couple weeks, we’ve tried out the Sunbaby clothdiapers.  The company was started by a mom and her husband.

They are very trim, and importantly very inexpensive*.  They are definitely a great cloth diaper, especially if you are on a budget. Their newest version 4.0 has hip snaps, back elastic, and 3 rise settings for a one-size fit.  The microfleece on the inside is very soft and only had very slight pilling after multiple washes.

sunbaby diaper

sunbaby review

I used this diaper on our 3 year old at night.  When double stuffed, it held and there were no leaks.  I was worried there might be because it seemed like the rise was going to be too low and it would leak out the front, but nope.  No leaks.

And, since our newborn isn’t yet here, I found a cute and cuddly substitute.  I set the rise to the lowest setting (for a tiny baby) and it was a very good fit.  Even tight (not too tight) on the legs.

sunbaby diaper

One nice addition on the 4.0 is the hip snaps.  They really made sure to prevent any drooping.

sunbaby diaper

Then, I wanted to take it off so you could see all of the button settings.

sunbaby diaper

And, the inside.  This is after multiple washes and uses.  It’s still very soft.

sunbaby diaper

I can’t wait to try this on our new baby girl.

After visiting the site, I noticed they are starting to have bamboo inserts as an option, too, instead of the microfiber!

Dislikes?  Really, the only thing is that you can’t purchase one at a time, you have to buy a set.  But, maybe you could go in together with a friend and split the Sunbaby Diapers. (You can get 6 diapers for $45!!)


*Sunbaby Diapers are manufactured in Shanghai, China. Our city has strict laws forbidding cheaper labor. People who use child labor will be put into jail or fined huge amount money. So buy confidently! Your Diapers are manufactured under fair labor conditions. I am the only seller of Sunbaby diapers in china, I never make wholesale business to retailers in China so that I can ensure that I have a reasonable profit and workers in our factory can get paid well and don’t have to work overtime.


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