The random one

-My two oldest girls can get up in the morning and hang out for a bit without mommy and daddy. But, now they are getting brazen. Like open 5 packs of granola bars and 3 cartons of orange juice and serve themselves brazen. So, do I figure out how to lock the kitchen or just hope this is a phase?

They are pretty cute. Silly faces and all.

-My oldest, and little perfectionist (not sure where she gets that from *cough*) has FOUR loose teeth. I can’t even get over the fact that she’s old enough for this. Didn’t I just bring her home from the hospital? Didn’t I just figure out that I had to wake her every three hours to eat or she would cluster feed for three hours at night?

miss type a

-I went to google last week. Like, not on my machine, but an actually office that houses some google people. I was “getting my learn on” about google+ (add this page to one of your circles). E went with me and she was so good. This picture (that I couldn’t get her to turn around for) was the kick in the pants I needed to start working out again. Ick!

At google

-I’ve now worked out 4 days in a row. I’ve go to keep that going. I’m still not at the calorie counting stage (I wouldn’t even know where to start with nursing and how many calories I should have…so if you know, let me know!)

-Cinco de mayo: I think this perfectly defines me. Texas margarita in a Coca-Cola glass. I’m a Texas girl in an Atlanta world. And, yes, this was tasty and a bit too strong. Always with salt, too!

Nothing says Texas girl in Atlanta like a 'Rita in a coca cola glass.

-I had to get the van serviced today (oil change, transmission flush and tires balance if you want to know. And, yes, it did shimmy a lot. Hopefully, this fixes those issues). Nothing like people watching and listening to them at all different walks of life. I’m pretty sure that there was a couple in the making. And a woman that wanted to disagree with everything any body said (and no, that wasn’t me!) The fact that the local news was on made the conversation even more interesting. And, oops, I asked the plumber that was there to fix the toilets if he could change the thermostat (yes, I’m that person). It was about 60 degrees in there. Fortunately, somebody else was willing to change it.

-Did you know you can access the camera on the iPhone without unlocking it? I have a password so the girls can’t grab it and play with it, but that pesky middle daughter figured out you don’t need that code to access the camera. So now I have to really hide it, because I now have tons of pictures of the floor, her lips, and her fingers covering the lens. She also likes to take pictures of her sister.

#2's version.

-At the favorite bulls-eye store last night, I did a bit of judging. Terrible, right? Mom was on the phone in the store having a “well she was like…” conversation and her little girl was just following along about 5-8 feet behind. She was so tired (it was about 8:30pm) and so done but behaving so well. Yeah, she wasn’t right next to her mom (how about a cart trip?), but she wasn’t wandering off. Mid-phone conversation mom turns around to the little girl (who is maybe 2 years old) and yells “girl, you get up here right now!” I wanted to cry for her. I wanted to rip the phone from the mom’s face and tell her to give her tired baby girl some attention. I know I’m not a saint and I know there are tons of things I could be judged for, too, but in that moment I felt so bad for that little girl.

-The oldest has really taken to drawing. This is her baby sister (maybe in a few years?). I think the green nose and lips are a nice touch! I love to see her imagination unfold (yeah, I’ve mentioned it twice now).

#1's version of E. Pretty close.

-We have two car trips planned for this summer. Our last summer before we official start public school! Three kids in the car for 14+ hours. Good times, right? We have a back up stopping plan if we just can’t make it all the way there. The second trip should only take 4 hours. I’m hoping if we time it well, we can have three sleeping kids for a while. A girl can dream, right?

-Mentioning the official school thing, I’ve been so lax lately with the checking of the homework. How’s that for awesome mom-101? And, coming from a teacher? I guess I’m just as ready for summer as they are.

-I took my shoes back that I showed you last week. They were those “toning” shoes and I didn’t like them. I got a better pair of shoes, and now, they are actually a size and a half  bigger than what I was wearing pre-children. Maybe I can share shoes with my mom and sister now.


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    Im doing Weight Watchers online & they give you tons more pts for nursing! It is really helping me right now. I probably won’t do it forever but at least it’s a guide for in the now!!!
    Heather B´s last blog post ..Growing too fast!!

    • says

      I think honestly, the key for me is writing it down. I have a friend that is nursing and doing WW and having great successes, too.

  2. says

    I don’t think calorie counting is that effective…. Which means I’m against most people (including my fiance) but I think it’s better to focus on adding healthy habits, like the exercise you’ve been doing, more fruits and veggies, etc. and the rest comes into place. I think a lot of people eat more then they would have eaten when they count their calories because they eat up to their calorie fill rather then stopping when they aren’t hungry. That could be just me though.

    Kindness is the best accessory,
    Rebecca Kelsey´s last blog post ..Rose Gold Nails Video Tutorial

    • says

      I think calorie counting does work. I did it last year..but it was more just making sure I was eating the right portions and a lifestyle change. I definitely didn’t eat more than I should have…so, maybe I had the calories right?

      Either way, I’m not there yet, and going to keep trying to eat healthy and be active.

  3. says

    i will die fifty times over when my girls hit that stage…getting up early, raiding the kitchen without us around. seriously. die fifty times over!! lilly still won’t get out of bed till we come in and get her!! but i soooo know that the second etta jane figures out how to get out of bed we are screwed!!

    • says

      I think it only took one sleep session for each of my girls to realize that they could (and would) get up. And, it’s nice that they get up and can get themselves a drink or a snack, but this new nonsense is too much.

      Maybe if we keep E in a crib until she’s like 10, she won’t do the same as her sisters?

  4. Anti-Supermom says

    Don’t beat yourself up, Krystyn, you have a *baby* for goodness sakes. I think too often we can look at a bad picture of ourselves and think this is what I look like to everyone else…

    but maybe it’s just a bad picture.

    Anywho, so cool that you got to visit google, I bet it is amazing to see in person!!

  5. says

    I think a breast feeding diet is 2500+ calories but the important thing is to listen to your body – because the baby will go through so many growth spurts, that you’ll need more calories some days and less others. I think the key is to eat when you are hungry but write it down so you can figure out what normal is and see how well you do staying there. Just writing down what you are eating, I’ve found, will help you behave.
    Jen E @ mommablogsalot´s last blog post ..Blessed moments: early mother’s day presents from my boy.

    • says

      I bet I don’t even get to 2500 calories…my non BF calorie limit is around 1200! I think we are at a growth spurt right now! She’s sleeping and eating like crazy.

      But, I definitely need to write it down..and lay off the sweets!

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      Yes, pretty interesting. I was learning about google+. They had a full kitchen where meals were prepared for them..but that probably means they work them really hard, too!

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    Okay, you JUST had that beautiful baby girl. Give yourself a break! You look great! And it is always hard to loose weight when you aren’t getting the sleep you need and breastfeeding and everything too. Ease up on yourself. I went at it too hard after I had my third baby and ended up making myself sick.
    Kat´s last blog post ..Happy

  7. Bekah Kuczenski says

    Good luck with your car trips! I’m sure they will create awesome memories for your girls!

  8. nathania says

    GRR.. I think I need to do a random post just because…well to keep track of life as it runs through my fingers! I cannot believe that my little one is no longer a little one but 2! 😀

    enjoy reading your posts!

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