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Summer has already started for us, which I realize is crazy town, especially with all of our snow days. But, here we are with the kids out of school and a lot of time on our hands. This past week was jam packed with activities, and I didn’t lose a kid! One adventure took us downtown to the World of Coke.

It’s a ton of work and physically and mentally exhausting, but getting out of the house and doing “stuff” usually results in a better day for all of us. Plus, it had been a while since we had last visited. but they asked us to come check it out again. 

World of Coke | Mommy and Me Monday

Did I mention I went solo with the girls? It was my first real outing with them. And, hey two out of four smiling faces is pretty good. (E was super unhappy in the stroller.) 

The World of Coke has a fun new mobile app that allows you to take fun pictures and send postcards out to family and friends (or post to instagram with bragging rights to taking your four girls out by yourself!) The Coca-Cola bear is my favorite part of the World of Coke. He’s so personable and animated. We didn’t have a line at all, yet I didn’t get a picture of just the older two with him. Incidentally, this was the only time E didn’t want out of her stroller. Maybe she remembers our last visit when the bear jokingly tried to eat her?

Mommy and Me Monday | World of Coca-Cola

The app allows you to access and unlock fun facts that are activated by bluetooth around the World of Coke. (Don’t worry about using your wireless data, either, they have a network you can sign into).

Mommy and Me Monday | World of Coca-Cola

These girls, they kill me sometimes with the cute. They jumped right on the stools and asked me to take a picture. 

Mommy and Me Monday | World of Coca-Cola

When I realized I could see them in the angled mirror, I told them I wanted to get one more picture. Yep, the oldest is a hoot.

Mommy and Me Monday | World of Coca-Cola

They had fun checking out their foot pressure and if they could bottle their own Coca-Cola. They could.

Mommy and Me Monday | World of Coca-Cola

And had a great time jumping in my bubble me picture with B.

Mommy and Me Monday | World of Coca-Cola

Their favorite part? The tasting room. Sodas from all around the world all over the place. We hardly ever do soda, so this is a huge treat and they were loving it. Once we got upstairs, we couldn’t even check out the new Pop Culture exhibit because they saw the tasting room and had to go there. 

E was once again okay with being in her stroller because she got her own cup. It literally had like a drop of Fresca in it, but she was so happy to have her own big girl cup, she didn’t care! (If you are headed there and want to play a joke on somebody, tell them the Beverly is your favorite. Odds are, it’s not your favorite, but you will get a great reaction out of them!)

Mommy and Me Monday | World of Coca-Cola

We didn’t get a chance to check it out, but they’ve just started showing a new feel-good film at the start of the tour called “Moments of Happiness.” I heard rave reviews from many friends that attended, so we will have to check it out next time.

What is the first thing to do on your summer to-do list?

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*We received tickets to check out World of Coke. The app is free. All thoughts are my own.


  1. Dina says

    I’ve been to Atlanta so many times and never been to the coke factory. I’m going to have to go this year and make it a priority.

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